Rogero, PS3 and 360 developer release today a new version of his all in one nand builder : 360 Multi Builder. With this tool, you will be able to create ecc/freeboot/ggboot retail images for your Xbox 360. This update fix little but in the previous version.

Full changelog :

360_Multi_Builder_v0.95a on 01/07/2012
– Bug fixed in Xell/ECC build script that only affects new Xell image generation.
– The 15574 Dash JTAG/RGH/RETAIL Images created with v0.95 are not affected at all.

360_Multi_Builder_v0.95 on 23/06/2012
– Updated xeBuild to v1.03.512 with support for Latest Dash 15574.
– Updated Dashlaunch to latest version 3.02
– Updated the ECC/Xell script to detect latest un-glitchable Boot-Loaders.
– Added Trinity boot-loader ver 9231 to allow for 15574 Retail Image Creation.
– To create 15574 Retail Images for other models latest BootLoaders must be added.
– N.B:
– – 15574 image creation is only possible with an already extracted CPU key.
– – The ECC/Xell script cannot create a Xell image from a 15574 nand dump.