The spanish developer BlaKCat release today a new version of his All In One (Nandpro/xebuild/…) glitch/Jtag app : AutoGG, now in version 0.8.5. This new version add com monitoring support.


New Addon – COM Monitor with Data Autodetection.

How to use com port :

* We need to install a Com Port Reader. In the picture section you can see how you can use Squirter with only 2 wires soldered.

* Click NandXell – Com Monitor
* We will get a menu to config Com port.
* Boot Xell and you will see the Log of Xell .It will detect the CpuKey, Ip and Ldv of console.
* If we had loaded console Dump, it will decrypt it. is now the official english forum for AutoGG, so if you found some bug or want BlaCKat add new features added … you can use the dedicated section in the forum

You can discuss about this article directly on the forum