The spanish developer BlaKCat release today a new version of his All In One (Nandpro/xebuild/…) glitch/Jtag app : AutoGG, now in version 0.8.8. This new version mainly add the support of lastest ecc images for getting the CPUKEY on dash 15k+ without DGX released early.


– New NandXell = RIP .To Get Cpukey on any updated consoles (=>15xxx) without DGX or any other extra Hard. Using regular RGH/RGH2 glitch chips like squirt, matrix,stinger ,cr …
– Key.bin & C-R.bin beta extractor for LTU firmware.
– Alternative mode to search console IP. Right click on button Ip-Search
– Reset parental code in Log.
– Autogg Variables Reset button. (Flasher issues)
– Improved Code

* Anonymous DGX RIP Eccs Team
* Dark-G from (Fcrt-CR)
* Beta Testers breily, MbTecnic, Mac1512, Casca, EOL ,…. is now the official english forum for AutoGG, so if you found some bug or want BlaCKat add new features added … you can use the dedicated section in the forum

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