BlaKCat from the spanish forum ElOtroLado released a new version of his All In One (Nandpro/xebuild/…) glitch/Jtag app : AutoGG, now in version 6.0
This new version bring the support of corona motherboard released by SquirtTeam
Here is the message

We are the first ….

The Squirt & Autogg team has done it.

0.6 beta (Corona)
– RGH Coronas Ready (Xell y Xebuild)
– New faster way to build NandXell
– New Squirter 0.7 inside
– Code improved.

The Autogg 0.6 is the first free and public software to hack the Corona consoles. With Autogg 0.6 and a chip Squirt Corona we have the RGH in seconds.