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Save Game Tools by Flat’z : decrypt/encrypt/resign your PS3 save game

Programmer and reverse engineerer flat_z (as stated on his twitter page) recently released a packaged called Save Game Tools on his twitter @flat_z. As the package title implies it’s tools for manipulating PS3 save games. The tools are able to decrypt/encrypt save games and also resign, patch SFO files. (suite…)


Rogero’s 4.30 CEX CFW v2.03

It’s never too late for good news. Yesterday Rogero released the latest version of his well known CFW. Among the changes are the well awaited and needed reability to install packages, and awecourse a nice set of bug fixes. It’s suggested you read the entire post by Rogero on the Tortuga-Cove forums. (suite…)


Multiman 04.14.02 Released

Just recently a new version of the ever so popular Multiman was released for the PS3. The latest build ups the version to 04.14.02 and comes bundled with a bunch of fixes and new features. It should also be mentioned that you need the 04.14.00 build installed prior to updating to the new version. (suite…)


SDAT Creator by oakhead69

Oakhead69 one of the latest Developers to join PSX-Scene Developers Team has released a handy PC application called the « SDAT Creator ». This tool will create a V3 SDAT file from decrypted data. Instructions are also include on how to decrypt V4 SDATs on a 4.xx CFW PS3. This program is also useful for modifying the contents of SDAT file for language conversions. The source code is provided in the download below. (suite…)


Sony Gearing Up To Issue The Ban Hammer – CFW Users Beware!

The PlayStation 3 scene should have expected this. Various reports suggest that anyone using custom firmware and using PSN/SEN will be banned. Even those using fck PSN or other means of bypassing access to PSN/SEN can be included in the ban wave. I for one have never used online access on my custom firmware PS3, (suite…)

ErmaC 4.30 CFW v1.3

ErmaC 4.30 CFW v1.3 Available & Updated

HDMadness has released another version of this CFW based on 4.30 for the PS3, this time removing the annoying Demo Mode notice, improved stability and more!

For those who have taken the leap to custom firmware above 3.55 might want to take a look at this. Dubbed the next Kmeaw of 4.30 CFW, or 4.21 with 4.30 spoofs,. (suite…)


Rebug CFW 4.21 XMB MOD v0.4 XMB

Developer IcEmAn2012, known for his IcE-rX Media Manager and XMB CFW MOD for XMBM+ mods, is back again. This time around he brings a mod to Rebugs CFW 4.21 XMB. (suite…)


PKG Toolkit GUI Updated To Version 1.40

Developer $n!pR has updated to support naehrwert’s scetool which allows you to encrypt and decrypt ELF and SELF files. (suite…)


VHBL R148 for Super Collapse 3 is out

Wololo release today VHBL for PSVita with FW 1.67 and using the PSP Game Super Collapse 3. Vita Half-Byte Loader is a project to port the PSP homebrew loader HBL to the Playstation Vita, through the PSP emulator on the Playstation Vita. (suite…)

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