Nintendo Parental Tool : remove the parental restricition on Wii/DSi/3DS easily

After the release a few days ago of 3DS Parental Tool, Swizzy updated this application by adding Wii/DSi support. (suite…)

3DS Parental Tool : remove the parental restricition easily

Swizzy release today a nice tool called 3DS Parental Tool which will help you to remove the parental restriction on your 3DS. (suite…)

Pimp My Wii V3.00 : now compatible with the Wii-U

Attila release today a new version of his awesome soft called Pimp My Wii now in version 3.0. This new version mainly add the support of the WiiU. (suite…)

Neimod has full kernel control from an unmodified 3DS

It seems the hacker neimod have made some interesting progress on the 3DS hack and he now has a full control of an unmodified console in kernel mode. This hack is based on a game hack and according to him can be patched very easily. (suite…)

Team Fail0verflow : « The Wii U is a system we can all enjoy together »

Team fail0verflow come back today with an interesting tweet titled « Fail0verflow : The Wii U is a system we can all enjoy together » and showing a wiiu gamepad controller displaying Reggie Fils-Aime (President and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America) with the Team Fail0verflow logo. (suite…)

3DS hack on the work

The australian shop OzModChips posted today an interesting picture today showing a 3DS displaying the text « WE HACKED IT ». (suite…)

WiiFlow 4.0.5 : new stable version released

The guys behind wiiflow just released a new version of their well known loader, now in version 4.0.5 (suite…)

Wii U already hacked by team fail0verflow ?

The team fail0verflow just pushed a mysterious post on their blog titled ‘8 days’ and as a content this series of numbers and letters (suite…)

HBC release for a new Wii U *Update*

dhewg from hackmii.com announce today the release of a new hackmii installer with a new HomeBrew Channel now compatible with the wii U (in Wii mode). (suite…)

Team fail0verflow : HomeBrew Channel running on Wii U

After giving some clues about progress on wii u hack on his twitter by revealing Wii U CPU info, marcan (well known member of Team Twizzers(Wii), fail0verflow (PS3), and for his work on the Kinect open source driver (360)) and the rest of fail0verflow team make today an official statement on their website showing the homebrew channel running on Wii U. (suite…)

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