Wii-U hack : « The WiiMode keys are ours! »

The developper Crediar well known for his works on the first Wii (Freedom, preloader, SNEEK, Starfall, Dios Mios …) shared today this interresting picture showing the WiiMode keys of the Wii U (suite…)

WiiU already running Wii Homebrew on launch day

Breaking news today, the new Nintendo console, the Wii U, just released yesterday in the US can already run Wii homebrew. (suite…)

WiiMC v1.2.5 : the best media center for your Wii

Tantric and Rodries have pushed out a new version of their well known media center for Wii : WiiMC. For remind, This homebrew will allow you to play Music, Video,pictures throught USB Key, SD Card, DVD. (suite…)

Priiloader 0.8 bêta 3

Daco and phpgeek release today a new version of Priiloader, this apps is a modded version of Preloader 0.30 by DacoTaco and BadUncle and permit to prevent your Wii from some kind of Bricking throught the system menu. The major improvement is the support of the lastest wiimotes. (suite…)

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