The famous Xbox 360 developper cOz release today a new version of the 360 master application : Dashlaunch, now in version 3.12 .This new version bring the support of the 16747 kernel.

Changelog :

– default behaviour of live block is now to use strong block rules (at least until ini is loaded)
– fix compatibility issues with dashes created before AP25 was deployed (spoof the AP functions on older versions)
– limit fakelive/autofake to 14717+ kernels
– add export so plugins can find out where they were loaded from during dllMain() (it’s volatile, copy it in Main() if you need it!)
– update 16547 patches to delay network bringup in xam until launch.xex loads
– add trinity internal usb to hddkeepalive (for those that have a usb hdd hooked up there)
– add 16747