Swizzy release today a new version of his well known apps DashLaunch Temp Monitor in version 1.3. This tool is a PC apps allowing you to see and save a log of the temperatures of several elementes (Motherboard, RAM, CPU, GPU) from your console.

In order to make it works you will have to enable « tempbcast » in dashlaunch

here is the changelog for the new version

* v1.3 *
– Changed: No longer requires the use of .net framework 3.5, now works perfectly fine with 2.0 aswell and won’t complain, it actually worked perfectly fine for 2.0 aswell all the time, just set it higher then required due to beeing one of my early projects 🙂
– Fixed: Bug in options window that caused the app to ignore what you set « Include TitleID/Media ID » to (Thanks to Surazal for finding and fixing this in a mod, now it’s time for an official update from me with the fix along with some more features ;))
– Added: Support for logging power on reason (added to dashlaunch as of v 3.02)
– Added: Option to display Power on reason in the log
– Changed: All output is now written to 1 line for easier parsing in for example excel to see statistics…
– Removed: In the output log (file) it’ll no longer include the empty/blank lines 🙂