In this tutorial, we wiil explain you how to safely update your console in order to get the avatar back after a glitch/jtag update.

First you have to know the kernel of your console :

System-> System settings -> System Infos = at top right, you will see your Kernel version 2.0.1xxx.0.

You know have to download the official system update corresponding to your kernel version, in my case 14699

You can find all system updates : THERE

Once you have it, uncompress it .

Open the extracted folder and copy only the $systemupdate folder on a usb key (fat32 formatted).
If you have dashlaunch installed, you will have to rename the folder $systemupdate into $$ystemupdate

When you have the system update on a the usb key, plug it on the console when you are on the NXE (official dashboard).

The console should prompte a system update notice, accept it, only the missing files will be installed (the avatar or kinect drivers).

The console will restart

For kinect, you juste have to plug it on your console, an update notice will appear, you can accept it, it’s the drivers =)