The FSD Team released an update of their alternative dashboard called F3 or Freestyle 3 : now in version 735. This new version is mandatory if you want to play link.

Here is their message :

Today we are releasing F3 Rev735, LiNK Beta 3 including WebUI.
This update is available for everyone through Auto Update and the offline files are attached to this message.
Here are just a few of the new features.

**** Freestlye 3 Beta Rev 735 – Released March 5th, 2013 ****
**** Thanks go out to our dedicated beta testers and the community!
**** Quick Change Info: Streamlined Plugin for less overhead
**** Quick Change Info: Notes in WebUI
**** Quick Change Info: In game Screenshots
**** Quick Change Info: Better user Management
**** Quick Change Info: Now scan and launch NxE Containers
**** Quick Change Info: Can create rooms in HUD
**** Quick Change Info: RSS Feed in HUD.
**** Enjoy!

NOTE: If your link isn’t working check the settings there were some database changes and may have defaulted your link settings to disabled.
NOTE: If your plugin won’t load properly it could be a conflict when updating. Try deleteing the plugin turning your xbox off and turning it back on then updating the plugin again
NOTE: BE Sure to Cold Boot or Unload and Reload plugin after update.
NOTE: Be Sure to update your kernel, users with dashboard versions lower then 15xxx will have issues with plugin

Below is the full changelog

******** F3.0.735 *********
[Fixed] Fixed TU Pause on startup.
(Added) live.json and assets to show in WebUI
(Added) paramters on WebUI for local testing
(Added) support for custom genres on WebUI
(Fixed) invalid access crash in http server for incorrect arguments
[ Fixed ] TU Issue with it deleteing tus when it shouldn’t
[ Updated ] New and improved link web. To many updates to list.
(Fixed) DashLaunchInfo boolean was switched in plugin
(Changed) DashLaunchInfo settings enumerator in plugin
(Added) DashLaunchInfo in WebUI (ticket:7)
(Fixed) Invaliud urls in notes will no longer link, check with regex
(Fixed) Load screencaptures properly (ticket:91 & ticket:76)
(Fixed) Show error when screencapture not loaded (ticket:80)
(Added) Note is added without clicking a position first (ticket:72 & ticket:78)
[ Fixed ] Not downloading XML Files.
[ Added ] A sound when launching From Details Screen.
(Fixed) Incorrect date format in notes (ticket:77)
(Fixed) Disable screenshot hotkey on fancybox popup (ticket:71)
(Added) Placeholder text on notes fields (not in IE) (ticket:74)
(Added) Set notes author to first signed in gamertag (ticket…
[ Added ] Enable Kinect Option.
[ Update ] We don’t scan any DLC except for Indie Games. Regardless of path.
[ Fixed ] Typo in Loading Engine
[ Fixed ] Unable to go up to APIKey from Search button for weather.
[ Fixed ] Title Text changes when you change favorites
(Added) titleID Override to WebUI ScreenCapture API (Fixed) START + BACK screenshot triggers opening keyboard twice
(Added) Notes beta 1 (ticket:6 & ticket:4)
(Added) JQE username and API key to system tab
(Changed) Switched all paths from forward to backward slash (ticket:13)
(Added) Total upload / download LiNK (ticket:43)
(Fixed) Incorrect tab highlig…
[ Fixed ] Doesn’t copy empty folders
[ Fixed ] no Title in non coverflow views
[ Fixed] Focus bug in Plugin settings
[ Update ] Disable Activator and Trigger Buttons when screenshot commands are disabled
[ Changed ] Default buttons for Screenshot
(Fixed) Screenshot Set Buttons
[ Added ] User must add their own APIKey
[ Added ] Settings added for Screenshot trigger
(Added) upstream/downstream totals to getSystemLinkBandwidth response
(Updated) /getScreenCaptures to return an json array [ … ]
[ Fixed ] OnBoardMU for corona and trinity not getting serial number
(Removed) Kai menu and plugins tab from menuconfig xui
(Added) Gamepad Exports – GamepadEnableTriggers & GamepadSetTriggers
(Fixed) PlayerInfo button flags (Fixed) Back + Start screenshot combo
(Fixed) No Saved Games Display by adding a text element
(Fixed) No Games Found Text in game list when moving last game out of scene
(Fixed) FileBrowser Selection Bug
(Fixed) File Browser File Selection Bug
(Revered) Game Drive name back to ‘Game’
(Updated) ConnectX KeyboardUI to display Remote PC Name to be consistent with labeling
(Renamed) « Game » to « Current Game » to reduce confusion in HUD file browser
(Fixed) Verify LINK Scene Cancel button to show back when complete
(Added) New Credits
(Fixed) Issue Graphics Glitch with Skin in Plugin Settings
(Updated) postLiveData and postUserData code to use titleid function
(Added) getGameFile http command to retrieve any file in the game:\\ directory
(Added) live.json overrides for webui display. Place live.json in the root game dir and it will be loaded over the file from microsoft
(Fixed) Http PW Hashing on fresh install
[ Fixed ] Humidity spelling in weather Scene
[ Fixed ] Entering incorrect information in APIKey now clears it and reports correctly.
[ Added ] Scanning NxE Games into gamelist.
(Added) New Mount Path « Game:\\ »
(Added) Build Dependent Log in HTTP
(Updated) Ingame screenshot to be Hold Start + Press Back
(Fixed) Chrome not scrolling back to first tab on refresh (ticket:19)
[Added] Ingame Screenshots using Hold Back + Start Press
(Cleaned) Up some code
(Added) Useranme and ApiKey to /getSystemLinkInfo
(Added) Missing JSON Files
[Fixed] WebUI / to use the correct/consistent \\
[Added] getDashLaunchInfo webUI command
(Removed) NOTES version from getPluginInfo
(Fixed) getScreenCaptureCount spelling
(Added) getDashLaunchInfo stub
(Fixed) Screencapture list showing filesize in bytes, changed to readable
(Added) Screencapture list including viewer ([ticket:5 Ticket 5])
(Fixed) WebUI bytestoreadable when bytes = 0 (Fixed) WebUI bytestoreadable use proper units
(Added) WebUI Track max bandwitdh with system link bandwidth graph
(Changed) WebUI System page layout (sections)
[Added] – Many SystemLink Optimizations in the LINK Core- basic Syslink needs to be tested for problems
[Added] – System Link Bandwidth monitoring code for WebUI Output ( mattie provided updated html code )
[Updated] – PlayerInfo Scene by s…
(Added) System LiNK bandwidth graph
(Added) Support for Celcius / Fahrenheit switching
(Added) nested template parsing
(Fixed) Disabling Reports
(Added) Automatic HUD Dismissal when game launched through HTTP API
(Fixed) System Link not enabling during f3 boot or during plugin reload
(Added) /getScreenCaptureCount
(Added) WebAPI version to /getPluginInfo
(Adjusted) Location of Buttons in HomeTab Scene
(Added) « celsius » var to /getTemperat…
(Added) Temp Settings to FreestyleSync
(Fixed) FreestylePlugin Settings Imports
(Added) Hashed HTTP and FTP Passwords (no more plain english passwords)
[Fixed] – URLEncode issue that could cause some usernames to fail url validity (MaesterRo)
[Added] – New Method of Handling Xbox1 Games- single lobby filtered by xbox1 titleid (MaesterRo)
[Added] – On/Off flags for System Link Enable to hav…
(Fixed) Many Little Graphical Bugs
(Fixed) Dashlaunch Not Found Bug
(Added) getLaunchGame command for HTTP
(Added) Dynamic Game Detection
(Fixed) SetLeader typo
(Fixed) Falsely launchable containers
(Added) RSSFeed Scroller Code
(Updated) About Section
(Added) Icon Toolbar
(Added) FileSystemWatcher to monitor for changes to open file and gives the option to reload
(Updated) Request Lobby To actually work and provide feed back
(Added) FileBrowser code
(Added) Passcode Entry
(Added) Proper Version file for plugin tester
(Added) Passcode Template XUI
(Added) Null object check to dumping code
(Added) Password Module (Test with (Y) on Lobby Tab)

A full tutorial to set up link is availiable HERE.

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