Hello all,

i will explain you in this tutorial how to build a hacked image for your RGH/Jtag console using Xebuild 1.02

You will need :
– A RGH/jtag console with the cpukey.
– The pirs files of the kernel you want
This CB/CD pack.

I : Prepare the files

Step 1 : Edit the 1blkey.txt and remplace the text by this : DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA

Step 2 : Choose the kernel version of the nand you want to build and download the pirs file corresponding. For exemple i want to build a 14719 hacked image, so i put the 14719.pirs in the 14719 folder.

Step 3 : Now rename the pirs file into su20076000_00000000

Step 4 : In the common folder, place all the files from the CB/CD pack.

Step 5 : In mydata folder, delete the cpukey.txt files, put your origin.bin nand and rename it nanddump.bin edit the option.ini with the following information
– nand type, it can be : xenon, zephyr, falcon, jasper, jasper256, jasper512, trinity
– Cpukey : put your console cpu key

II : Build the nand

Open windows command prompt, go in the xebuild folder using cd command. Now edit the following to match your wish and use it.
xebuild -t glitch2 -f 14719 -d mydata -o patchsmc upflash.bin
-t command is for choosing the kind of nand you want, it can be : jtag, glitch (for RGH1.0), glitch2 (for RGH2.0), retail (for stock nand).
-d command is for choosing the folder where your console data are. In our case, it’s mydata.
-f command is for choosing with which kernel version you want to build the nand. In our case it’s 14719.
-o patchsmc is for patching the smc and not using the retail one in your origin.bin.

You should now see your image builded at the root of xebuild folder.

III : Flash the nand

Use rawflash to flash it, or xell directly if it have rawflash inbuild.
Rawflash : nand should be named nandflash.bin

XeLL : nand have to be named updflash.bin