Hi everyone,

In this tutorial i will explain you how to install XeXMenu or FSD installer on a USB Key.

You will need :
– A USB key
– A Xbox 360
USB Xtaf Gui
XeXMenu Live version or FSD Installer

I : Format your USB flash drive as an Xbox storage device

Plug your USB key on the Xbox 360 and go in System Settings


USB Storage Device

Configure Now

then do YES

You will see this during the formatting process

You USB Key is know recognized as a Xbox 360 storage device

II : Install XeXMenu or FSD Installer

Launch USB Xtaf GUI and select File > Open first USB Drive

Then Drag & Drop the content folder of XeXMenu live version (or FSD installer) in the data partition

Be sure it’s like this (for FSD Installer you will have a F5D22702 folder instead of C0DE9999

Close the apps, plug the USB Key on your Xbox, you will see XeXMenu or FSD installer on your Game Library