A year ago, GliGli released the first version of mupen64-360, the first (and only) N64 emulator for exploited xbox360 consoles. This emulator used the libxenon library and is based on the wii port (wii64 by tehpola, sepp256, emu_kidid) of mupen64 a N64 emulator for PC.

Many of you were waiting for a new version fixing some little bugs and imporoving compatibilty. It’s with a great pleasure we announce today that new build is now in beta testing for a future release … probably in a few weeks. Indeed GliGli has done an amazing work the last few weeks, and he’s now close to bring the scene a new version of this awesome emulator. Many many core changes have been made especially in the dynarec and a new an graphics plug-in (Rice) has been ported … for full details you can check his GitHub.

Here is a non exhaustive list of what you should see in the upcoming release

– More texture filters (2xSaI, HQ2X,HQ4x).
– Improved gameplay : better xbox 360 joystick handling etc …
– GFX rendering fixes : Balloon mario Kart, Sky in Goldeneye etc…
– Improved game speed : there is also the possibility to change the speed limit if the emulation speed is too high.
– Possibility to remap some n64 controls (Stick/D-pad/C-buttons)
– Improved compatibility : Goldeneye, DonkeyKong 64, PerfectDark, blast corps and much more are now playable =).
and much more ….

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