A friend release today a very basic xbox 360 nand flasher that works with every motherboard. As some of you have probably notice, there was actually no solution to flash a nand image directly from the xbox with corona motherboard (Flash360, NAND Flasher 360 by Trancy, rawflash (no video output) don’t work with this mobo) … this software fix this =).

This nand flasher is basicly a SDK version of cOz’s RawFlash. The output is a bit ugly but it does the job so who cares? The source code is also included if some of you want to do a nice gui or want to mess with it.

Instructions :

– Place the image you want to flash renamed as « updflash.bin » next to the nandflasher.xex
– Launch the executable

Credit :

cOz for rawflash’s source code