XeBuild GUI 2.091 : 16537 kernel support added

Swizzy release today an update for his well known and official GUI for xebuild, this 2.091 version add the support of the kernel 16537 with xebuild 1.08 and dashlaunch 3.08 freshly released. (more…)


xeBuild 1.08 is out : 16537 kernel support added and more…

After the release of a new System Update (2.0.16537.0), The Xebuild team release today an update of their famous nand builder, now in version 1.08. (more…)


Dashlaunch 3.08 : 16537 kernel support added

The famous Xbox 360 developper cOz release today a new version of the 360 master application : Dashlaunch, now in version 3.08 .This new version bring the support of the 16537 kernel. (more…)


XeLL-Reloaded v0.993 with Corona Video support released!

Today we can all have Video support on ANY corona, with ANY video cable thanks to the awesome work of the Libxenon team! (more…)


All the updates from the second beta program are now available

The second beta program is now over, we thought it could be usefull in some specific condidtions to release all the beta updates from this program. (more…)


RGH Timer v1.1 Released *UPDATE: v1.4*

Swizzy & Stryp @ ConsoleOpen Release today RGH Timer v1.1, A Timer Application with RGH Specific functions (more…)


Dashlaunch Temp Monitor V1.4 – Graphics Enchanced *Update: V 1.5*

Swizzy release today a new version of his well known apps DashLaunch Temp Monitor in version 1.5. This tool is a PC apps allowing you to see and save a log of the temperatures of several elementes (Motherboard, RAM, CPU, GPU) from your console. (more…)


RGLoader Beta0 v310 : the devkit nandbuilder is updated *Update 0V311*

The RGLoader team just pushed out a update of their devkit nandbuilder for RGH/Jtag console =). (more…)


HDDHACKR v1.40 Build 20130303 : format your WD Drive into FATX

Modfreakz and Schtrom released a few day ago a new build of HDDHACKR now in version v1.40. This MS DOS tool allow you to format a regular WD 2.5″ HDD into the xbox format (FATX), then you just have to put in a xbox hdd case and use it as a genuine xbox 360 HDD. (more…)


Freestyle 3 rev 735 : a new version of the alternative dashboard

The FSD Team released an update of their alternative dashboard called F3 or Freestyle 3 : now in version 735. This new version is mandatory if you want to play link. (more…)

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