The talented french developer Ced2911 gives us today his Xmas gift by releasing his xbox 360 port of the very appreciated FPS quake 3. This port is based on the microsoft library (so you can launch it through XeXMenu, F3 …) and ioquake3.

As always with Ced, you can find all the source of his project on his github and follow his works on his blog

If you want to support him, you give him a little coin to buy a beer =) :

Readme and installation explanation

Quake3-360 V1.0

* Requirements *
– Quake 3 PC version (place the .pak file from baseq3 folder into the same folder from the release package, you can also place the lastest update => google ‘’)

* What it does *
– It’s a port of Q3 for xbox 360 from the PC version
– Auto detect your gamertag name and use it
– Multiplayer
– Virtual Keyboard emulation (press Y in menu)

* Credits *
– Ced2911
– sk1080
– Razkar

* Changelog *
– Initial release

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