The team is proud to make today with the help of the review of the lastest baby from Team Xecuter : The DGX 1.0s.

What is it for ?

This tool is a hardware solution to get the CPUkey of your xbox (only for slim consoles currently) regardless of the dashboard version. So with this, you will be able to glitch the xbox slim console with a dashboard 15572 (or higher, it also works on lower dashboard versions!).

This chip is preprogrammed and reusable, indeed once you get the key, you can remove it and perform a classic RGH with your favourite chip

Package content :
The DGX package include the following elements :

– a double sided adhesive tape
– Wires.
– The DGX chip.

Instuctions :

  • Prepare the console :

Dumping the nand :
Use your favourite USB SPI to dump your console nand twice and be sure they match (Jrununer, AutoGG, nandpro, squirter…)

Write the ECC :
– In Lastest J-runner (or AutoGG) and on the advanced tab click on Write DGX

Press yes to confirm you already have a nand dump of your console (of course if you don’t already have one, make a correct dump…) and choose your motherboard revision (in my case it’s a trinity).

Now check the image was properly written.

  • Solder the DGX chip

Use the official diagram to solder the DGX.

For this test we used a Trinity and we get the result by using :
For POST_OUT : a thick 70cm cable to the regular POST OUT point.
For CPU_RST : a thin 5 cm wire to the alternative CPU_RST point (right pad of R4D4).
DIP : 1-8 OFF

If you succeded you should see XeLL appear and be able to grab the key directly or by the network

For Corona V1-V2 we recommand to use :
For POST_OUT the yellow cable given with the package
For CPU_RST : 12.5cm of the Blue cable
DIP : 1-7 OFF ; 8 ON (you can also try ALL set to ON position)
(PS : XeLL works on most corona motherboard using HDMI, but with some rare consoles XeLL will not output anything so you will have to use this alternative ECC).

For Corona V3-V4 we didn’t succeed to glitch it yet
But we still recommend to use the TX Post Fix Adapter which is a very SAFE solution to get a POST OUT access. We DO NOT recommend to solder directly under the CPU.

Conclusion :

Positive :
– Only solution on the market for slim with a dashboard 15572+.
– Price : Around 30€ for the package with which you will be able to use on many consoles (you don’t have to leave it in the console).

Caveat :

– The glitch success (specially on Trinity) can probably be improved (a method which will work on a console might not work on another …). DGX wiring needs in most cases a lot of testing before you get it to glitch (boot).

Thanks :

Thanks to for their sample.
Thanks to BlaCKat.

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