Swizzy & Stryp @ ConsoleOpen Release today RGH Timer v1.1, A Timer Application with RGH Specific functions

There isn’t much to say about it, it’s a timer… you press Start & Stop and it’ll log the time difference, useful if you want to check boot times and compare… it can also give you average timings across boots, it’s fully translateable, included is a translation into English (default, also embedded) and Italian, it’ll automatically detect what your system use and set that at startup.


– Initial Version, very basic (internal release)
– Some fixes and additions:
– Added: Multilanguage support
– Added: Italian translation by Stryp @ www.consoleopen.com Thanks!
– Added: Average display/count
– Added: Numbering for each boot
– Some fixes and additions:
– Added: French translation by Pass_Code @ www.logic-sunrise.com Thanks!
– Added: Swedish translation by Swizzy
– Added: Portuguese translation by Edson Dario & Niceshot Thanks!
– Added: German translation by Doc_Gonzo Thanks!
– Updated: Italian translation by multipile ppl over @ www.consoleopen.com Many thanks to all of you!
– Added: Hit space on your keyboard when the form is active and you’ll start/stop the timer
This can be disabled by launching the app with the switch « -nocatchspace »
– Added: Cycles calculation
– Fixed: Some translation stuff (missing translations, and not replacing certain words that were in the translation files)
– Added: When switching language the entire log will now be re-written in the chosen language
– Added: Translation Utility included to aid in creating new translations
– Added: Autoscrolling the log
This can be disabled by launching the app with the switch « -noscroll »
– Added: Formatting options per translation NOTE: DO NOT ADD any {#}’s with higher number then is already there (it’ll cause a crash)
For more information on formatting methods check these links (keep in mind that it should look like this: « {#:format} » where
# is the number of the variable to put there):
– Added: Countdown timer when pressing stop (it’ll count down from 20 seconds, giving you something to use for knowing when to start the console next)
This can be disabled by launching the app with the switch « -nocountdown »
– Fixed: Moved the en-US.xml extraction to %appdata%\Swizzy\RGHTimer\
– Added: You can change various « behind the scenes » settings now…
To access this feature you press Ctrl + F12
Whatever settings you set here will be autoloaded next time you run the app (switches override these settings)
– Added: Slowest/Fastest boot time with Glitch Cycle…
– Some fixes:
– Fixed: German translation was missing almost all of the formatting
– Fixed: A minor error in the Portuguese translation
– Fixed: A minor error in the french translation
– Fixed: Min/Max didn’t update itself accordingly… dunno why i didn’t notice that last night when testing it o.O
– Added: A few small easter egg(s), Happy hunting!
– Changed: The countdown timer is now disabled by default (enable with the switch « -countdown » or using the settings menu…)
– Some fixes and additions:
– Fixed: Flipped Fastest/Slowest so they’re correct, my bad!
– Added: More hotkeys/Keyboard shortcuts! 😀 (read seperate file for more info on them all!)
– Added: More more settings (read seperate file for more info on all the switch settings!)
– Fixed: Some settings weren’t saved properly to registry…
– Added: Spanish translation by Ice62 Thanks!
– Added: Polish translation by 33-300 @ http://www.xboxscene.pl/
– Added: Donation button, if you feel like it you may use it 🙂
– Changed: The output log is no longer readonly so you can add comments (they’ll be removed if you change the language!) if you start editing
the text inside of the textbox space will be like normal, in order to re-enable the spacebar catching you have to click somewhere else in the app
– Added: If there is a « default.xml » in the lang folder it’ll be used as default language instead of anything else
(useful if it doesn’t autoselect based on your system)

Here’s some screenshots: