The RGLoader team push out tonight a new update of their devkit nandbuilder for RGH/Jtag console =). This new version fix some big, bring a liveblock option, allow faster boot and much more, check the readme for full changelog

La team RGLoader release ce soir une nouvelle version de leur utilitaire permettant de créer des nand devkit pour les consoles RGH/Jtag. Cette nouvelle version estampillée Beta0 v290 corrige quelques bugs, permet un temps de boot reduit ainsi que le blocage du live et bien d’autres choses (voir changelog).

Full Changelog

-Fixed falcon rgh1 issue in 0v290
-Added kernel side patch loader
-Added INI: hdd1:\RGLoader.ini
-Block live dns option
-Add USB drives to xbox neighborhood (thanks Natelx!)
-Assign default dashboard
-Fixed dummy KV induced sign on lag
-MUCH Faster boot speeds (by 4-5 seconds! 9.5 second jtag load)



Download a filesystem package and extract it into the same folder as this builder (merging filesystems and loaders)

Slims require fcrt.bin to play retail DVDs.

You will need .NET Framework 4 installed. May work with Mono.

Create a folder ‘Filesystems’ (don’t forget the ‘s’) on the xbox hard drive.
(This is where you will store the devkit system files since they won’t all fit on a 16MB retail NAND.)

Copy the devkit files to a folder ‘14699-dev’ (or 14719-dev for ver.14719) inside of ‘Filesystems’ on the HDD.
ie: hdd:/Filesystems/14699-dev

Put your nand next to the builder and name it « nand.bin ».

Open the RGBuild Launcher and type in your CPU_Key and select your build options.

Click « RGBuilder » button to start the process.

Output will be next to this file named: Image._____.bin