The squirt team is proud to announce tonight that on their store is now availiable a Corona motherboad compatible CPLD. So it’s more or less a private and payable update of the *free and open source* Reset Glitch hack originally developped bu GliGli and Tiros. Sad to see how the 360scene is becoming a ca$hsc€n€ :'(.

Here is the full message :

SQUIRT full working on CORONA X360 16 Mbytes NANDS!
Freeboot also available NOW with AUTOGG 0.6RC version!

… a special thanks to BLAKCAT – AUTOGG creator for the builder XELL e FREEBOOT, Uber, all beta testers, theguru e of course GLIGLI, the team xebuild that allow all this possible…

Tutorial updated today with diagrams and infos, download the ENGLISH and ITALIAN one.

Please note, update SQUIRTER to 0.7b, if not you aren’t able to write the CORONA NAND SPI 😉


Enjoy … or not
Let’s hope Xecuter team don’t follow their way