Swizzy release today a little tool for corona 4GB owners that wants to read/write the nand easily. There is two features in this tool :
– Dump the nand : System only (48mb) or full dump (3.5GB)
– Write an image to nand.

Read the « requirements » part of the readme to make it work properly.

Full Readme :


* Requirements *

– Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later
– A SD Card reader or similar that is connected to your Corona 4G motherboard
– An Xbox360 with Corona 4G Motherboard
– Administrator rights. You must run this application as an administrator!!

* What it does *

– It’ll dump your motherboards NAND to specified file, with specified size
– It’ll flash your motherboards NAND with specified file

** NOTE: It will only dump/flash if it finds the magic bytes (0xFF4F at the beginning) **

* Credits *
– cOz Thanks for all the help you constantly give me with just about everything! 😀
– Aioros Thanks for the logo as ussual 😉
– Razkar Thanks for making me a perfect icon!
– boflc Thanks for giving me the tip for the final name of the app 😉
– Thanks to everyone that has helped me test this and make sure it really worked! 😉

* Changelog *

v1.0 (Build: 20)
– Initial release