The spanish developers chemone and Mac1512 release today a new version of their Vectrex emulator called Vecx-360. . This emulator is based on jhawthorn’s vecx code and use libxenon library. If you want more information about this console you can read this.

The source code is available on chemone’s github … if you want to look at it.

Full Readme

Vecx-360 0.1b beta (By chemone and Mac1512).
This is a port of Vecx-SDL, originally made by jhawthorn.
-Overlay support (240x320px and .png extension)
-Add sound support
-Add support for more overlay extensions
-Add support for any overlay size
– Fix the error message when a rom start
– Fix the bug with UP button
Know bugs:
-Sometimes the image is cut, reset the emu to fix
-Copy all the archives in a pendrive in fat32
-Place your roms at « Vecx-360_roms »
IMPORTANT: If Vecx-360_roms is empty, then bios (rom.dat archive) Minestorm will be executed.
-Movement: Analog or cross
-« A » button is fire on minestorm
-back button: xell
Overlay Instructions:
-The overlays must be 240×320 pixels
-Place the overlay at the same folder and with the same name of your rom;
for example:
-Execute your rom normally.
Thanks to:
tmbinc: for the SMC hack.
Gligli and Tiros: for the RGH hack.
Lantus: for the SDL libraries.
Ced2911: for the ZLX libraries.
All the people from and

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