Swizzy greets us today with another new apps dedicated to Jtag/Rgh console : x360 NAND Dump Checker. As it’s name clearly explain it, this software will assure you have a valid dump from your xbox 360 nand. This can be usefull for nanddump which aren’t well supported throught nandpro like lastest fat nand dump (nand with split CB).

Basically what it does is :
– Check for the magic bytes to see if it’s a valid nand (the first two bytes of the nand *the magic bytes* are always the same).
– Calculates the ECC hash that is stored in the spare and compares it to the one stored in spare
– It’ll tell you if it finds what it believes to be a badblock (if there is no ECC data stored in spare it’ll assume it’s a badblock)


Verbosity level 0 = Normal, default level, only prints badblock info for each block and most errors/warnings
Verbosity level 1 = Medium, prints all bad pages and all errors/warnings
Verbosity level 2 = Full, prints ECC information for each page bad, and page status…
Verbosity level 3 = Debug, prints information of each page and more…

There are two versions, a CLI (Command Line Interface) or a GUI one. You can also set it as set the apps as default software for .bin files, so you will just have to double clik on a nand to check if it’s a valid one.

CLI version :

dumpchecker file [switch [switch]...]
dumpchecker flashdmp.bin -full -v 1

-full : Check ALL pages of the nand (only for 256/512MB Jaspers)
-noenter : Suppresses prompt for enter key when finnished
-v : Set verbosity level, valid levels: 0, 1, 2 and 3
-? : Shows this information

GUI version :