The Xebuild team release today an udpate of their famous nand builder and push out today the 1.03 version. The major things added in this version beyond the 15574 support is the patch of the LDV in fuseset 7-8-9-10-11. This means, if you have a dual nand console you no longue need to update you RGH nand after an official update of the retail nand


Here’s the full changelog :

– updated patches to remove CON sig checks, still allowing the patched check to report if the CON was signed by this machine
– updated glitch patches to remove CF LDV check (keep in mind updating a fat to 14717+ requires rewiring CPLD for less stable glitching)
– modified [flashfs] category
– can now take longer paths as well as absolute drive paths, spaces not allowed (ie: ..\common\filename or H:\somepath\filename)
– items without a crc will not be sought outside the given path or filename (relative paths are based in the firmware folder, xexp filename mutations will NOT be applied)
– items with a crc will be sought in given path, system update, nandump.bin then common folder
– fix 16M corona smc extraction from nanddump.bin
– correct nandmu option so it properly defaults to false
– add ‘jasperbb’ console target (same as jasper256 and jasper512)
– correct bug in hv patches in 14717/14719
– added smcnoeject and smcnoblink options (only patches jtag/glitch smcs)
– changed glitch image CD patches to not require dynamic patches (should be more stable)
– add ‘demon’ option, currently only sets the same speed as cygnos uart speed
– add 15774