After the release of a new System Update (2.0.16747.0), The Xebuild team release today an update of their famous nand builder, now in version 1.12.

Here’s the full changelog :

– check FCRT.bin signature with PIRS_pub.bin or MAST_pub.bin if available (selection based on content)
– check DAEP signed signatures in DAE.bin (usually 2) with PIRS_pub.bin if available
– check CRLP signed CRL.bin signatures with PIRS_pub.bin if available
– fix mobile extraction stalling process on corrupt NAND
– do not patch boot reasons into flash header for devkit and retail builds, only glitch and jtag
– added patch to kernel to attempt to block network until launch.xex has loaded (if available)
– add -o smcnocheck to image build options/ini; avoids fatal build error if smc is unknown
– add 16747
– fixed: was not automatically creating all the folders for 16747 avatar data to be valid

A FULL TUTORIAL IS AVAILIABLE HERE is the offical support website with RMS so if you found any bug please report in the dedicated section of the forum