After the release of a new System Update (2.0.17349.0), The Xebuild team release today an update of their famous nand builder, now in version 1.15.

Here’s the full changelog :

– add additional checks to sort big block and mmc overdumps better
– retain netKd info from header if present along with mobiles
– 15574+ patch added to allow data dvd with 360 game to show name/tile info in official dash
– added command line option -8 and [rawpatch] segment to data dir ini, can have up to 16 file slots with offset
– added ‘testkit’ and ‘testkit16’ targets, same as devkit but has 2 keyvaults
– fixed a problem with skipping newer versions of small/single page mobile files on small block NAND
– trim addon patches if a tailing 0xFFFFFFFF was mistakenly included (thanks sk!)
– fsroot scan now collects info on mobiles for later extraction
– fix bugs with locating/extracting small mobile files in some rare cases
– add 17349

A FULL TUTORIAL IS AVAILIABLE HERE is the offical support website with RMS so if you found any bug please report in the dedicated section of the forum