After the release of a new System Update (2.0.17489.0), The Xebuild team release today an update of their famous nand builder, now in version 1.16.

Here’s the full changelog :

– fix missing fsroot offset correction on big block machines (thanks BugReporter, mik30, nexus!)
– add additional diagnostic output to mobile data detection when -v2 is specified
– document dummy ‘extract’ mode which currently only performs dump loading and verification for diagnostics
– account for 1 page mobile*.dat delete entries
– show all fuses with client -i
– fix mmc only detecting fsroot when scanning for mobile*.dat (thanks liquidzorch!)
– now possible to specify external/optional/addon patches in perbuild ini file
– add 17489

A FULL TUTORIAL IS AVAILIABLE HERE is the offical support website with RMS so if you found any bug please report in the dedicated section of the forum