Swizzy release today an update for his famous and official GUI for xebuild, this 2.061 version follow the update of the Dashlaunch 3.1 and bring a lot of new features too 🙂.

Swizzy nous gratifie ce soir d’une nouvelle version de son application Xebuild GUI qui est maintenant devenue l’interface officielle de l’application en ligne de commande XeBuild. Cette nouvelle version fait suite à la release de Dashlaunch 3.01 et ajoute son support.

Here is the full changelog

* 2.061 *
– Fixed: The failsafe now properly warns if you are trying to build something funky like JTAG from Glitch type source etc.
– Fixed: You can now properly build nands without using a full dump again, forgot to think about linking some files in 2.05x… fixed already in 2.06 but didn’t update changelog for that last minute changes…
– Fixed: You can now build 7371 retail and 9199 JTAG images, that function was broken in previous versions…
– Fixed: If you don’t select a dashboard version it’ll no longer allow you to try to build (if it’s required for the type you are trying to build), it’ll now have the build button disabled…
– Fixed: You can no longer select any hacked SMC type for retail (previously you could select aud_clamp and aud_clamp + eject altought it would automatically change that to current/retail with the failsafe)
– Changed: The log now contains the latest entry in the top rather then at the bottom…

* 2.06 *
– Fixed: Several bugs in the nandpro window again… Hopefully last time i fix bugs here before next major re-write
– Added: The app can now tell you about values in your SMC Config (for refference if you want to change these values) for example the Temperatures, fanspeed, MAC Adress etc.
– Added: New options to Dashlaunch ini configurator to reflect the new stuff in the new dashlaunch BETA version 🙂
– Changed: Now using latest Dashlaunch BETA (v3.01 BETA)
– Updated: I’ve updated all presets to the standards of 3.01 and updated the launch.ini included with my suggestions for 3.01 Beta