Swizzy release today an update for his famous and official GUI for xebuild, this 2.07 version follow the update of xebuild 1.03, Dashlaunch 3.02 and also bring a lot of new features too :).

We can also see in the changelog that swizzy is already working on a new version called 3.0 which will bring this tool a level higher … more info soon:)
Here is the full changelog

* 2.071b *
– Fixed: Replaced xeBuild with proper one, must’ve hit wrong button when i was fixing up the release package, accidently used one of the beta’s :$

* 2.071 *
– Fixed: When selecting « Current » for Gameregion you’ll nolonger get an error from xebuild…
– Fixed: There was a line to much in the retail.ini for 15574 from xeBuild, i’ve fixed it here 😉 (it works etheir way but…)

* 2.07 *
– Fixed: Freezing with some rare images when the program is trying to check CB etc.
– Fixed: The application is now able to read files directly from optical units aswell (such as CD’s and DVD’s) NOTE: This may cause the program to freeze for a bit due to slow read speed…
– Fixed: The SMC Failsafe will now properly use the settings you select instead of just asking you…
– Added: Motherboard type « Jasper BB » this can be used if you are not sure if you have a 256MB or 512MB jasper, this is also autoselected if the app can’t decide wether you have 256 or 512mb jasper
– Updated: Now using xeBuild 1.03
– Updated: Now using Dashlaunch 3.02
– Changed: No longer including a Dashlaunch beta…
– Fixed: If you don’t have CF/CG in the per versions folder but instead in the commons folder the app will no longer complain about not finding it 😉
– Added: Before building a new image the old verbose xeBuild log will be deleted to eliminate confusion 🙂
– Changed: New icons and a new logo for the app thanks to Aioros!
– Added: Support for the new options for xeBuild (disabling the eject button and/or disabling the center LED on the ROL from blinking)
– Changed: Re-designed the xeBuild Options tab, moved some stuff around to make more space for the new options
– Changed: Re-named « Cygnos UART » to « Set UART Speed for Cygnos »
– Changed: Moved the cygnos option from JTAG only to misc options since it’s compatible with both JTAG and Glitch (basically anything that isn’t retail)
– Added: Option for setting UART speed for TX Demon (Team Xecuter Demon) (NOTE: This does exactly the same thing as the cygnos option at this time)
– Fixed: If FUSE.txt already exist next to your dump the app will now ask if you want to overwrite it, if you say no it’ll simply stay where it was downloaded to, and you’ll be told where that is…
– Removed: Cleaned up src a little, removing unused shit that i was starting to work on but never got finnished untill i got the brilliant idea of re-writing the whole thing 🙂

** NOTE: This will be the last update for xeBuild GUI 2.xx series unless someone finds a critical bug somewhere… i’ll be working on xeBuild GUI 3.0 for a while following this release… hopefully it’ll be an awesome update! **