Swizzy release today an update for his famous and official GUI for xebuild, this 2.08 version follow the update of xebuild 1.04 and also bring some new features too :).

We can also see in the changelog that swizzy is already working on a new version called 3.0 which will bring this tool a level higher … more info soon:)

Version 2.081 fix some little bug

Here is the full changelog

* 2.081 *
– Fixed: When searching for your console on the network (for xell) it’ll no longer spit out errors everytime it finds a computer but fails to download fuses (it’ll no longer tell you it can’t decrypt kv when this happens)
– Fixed: The RGH 2.0 script has been updated with new patches that actually work for corona 😉
– Fixed: Replaced CBB_13121.bin in the ECC folders to a proper one, BIG Thanks to Marchisio80 for telling me about this!
– Added: Included in the pack is now also a retail SMC for corona
– Fixed: Now using proper corona SMC when building retail images…
– Fixed: When building a image from scratch (extract vitals) with corona it’ll now attempt to extract FCRT.bin aswell
– Fixed: If you have selected ECC for RGH 2.0 it’ll now also switch to Freeboot for RGH 2.0 when you load cpukey using any method…

** NOTE: Netheir this nor the previous release (2.08) supports hacking a console with 15574! what it can do is however decrypt the data from 15574 nand IF you have your cpukey at hand… this means you MAY be able to rebuild a nand for your console with older version despite updating… but i make no promises! **
** NOTE: The corona support ONLY works for v1 (16MB NAND machines, this generally means consoles with harddrives…) **
** NOTE: Xell isn’t fully operational on Corona, all you can use it for is to extract your CPUKey and/or dump your nand (maybe, i haven’t tested dumping nand) this however is ONLY possible using network! you get no image…**
** WARNING: Don’t try to flash your nand using rawflash OR xell on a corona motherboard, it WILL NOT WORK, to flash your motherboard use an old version of nandpro or the squirter software… **

** NOTE: This version is crap, just like the previous version, it works… but it has alot of errors still in it, and i’m working on a totally new version, 3.0… it’s a total re-write to fix alot of errors and add new features… check on www.homebrew-connection.org every now and then and you won’t miss the release 😉 **

* 2.08 *
– Added: The app now supports identifying Corona motherboards and you can now also choose to build such images if you want…
– Changed: Replaced the RGH 2.0 build.py with the one made by TX RGH Team which someone leaked, i’ve slightly modified it tho like previous script 😉
– Removed: You can no longer select Jasper256/Jasper512 seperatly, sorry… but they didn’t fit anymore when i added Corona, and JasperBB is the same anyways 😉
– Added: The app can now handle the new CB_B decryption, so you can extract information CB_B from a 1557x and newer dump along with extracting these bootloaders decrypted
– Fixed: Several minor bugs from adding JasperBB, forgot to add jasperbb in the restrictions to jasper256/512 :$ sorry!
– Fixed: When reading the wrong file as « fuse » you’ll nolonger end up with a key that is « 00… » it’ll instead set key as empty (none) 😉
– Changed: Now using xeBuild 1.04

** NOTE: I did not intend to release another version of xeBuild GUI untill 3.0 was done, but seeing as Team Squirt and Blakcat (author behind AutoGG) decided it’s a great idea to release the corona hack NOW they kinda forced my hand… **
** NOTE: I’ve taken parts of the new 3.0 code and implemented it in this version, there is still alot of work left to be done in 3.0 before it’s ready for release… **