Swizzy release today an update for his famous and official GUI for xebuild, this 2.086 version add the support of dashlaunch 3.04 released today and some little fix. As always with Swizzy, you will find the source in the archive ;).

Here is the full changelog:

* 2.086 *
– Removed: No additional checks are made for additional patches (apart from NOHDMI patch, which can really only be applied to any motherboard apart from xenon anyways) this should fix errors here…
– Fixed: Finally fixed that display bug with Xell icon not beeing shown properly for RGH 2.0…
– Fixed: F*ing jasper failsafe keeps beeing gay… >_< fixed now… once and for all!
– Updated: Now using Dashlaunch 3.04
– Updated: The system update xml have been updated with the new location for the 16197 update (since it was verified to be final we’ve moved it to the regular folder rather then beta)

** NOTE: Many minor fixes has been done lately, and NO this release does NOT support corona v2, despite what news sites states since last update… it’ll be fully supported in v3.0, but i don’t really feel like updating 2.0 aswell with this shit… i added failsafe disable so pro’s can still be lazy (like myself) **
** NOTE: If anyone of you complain about minor shit that is useless and/or having to wait for 3.0 for proper support for everything, go make your own tool, i do this for free and release my full source… meaning you have everything you need to make your own tool…

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